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Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

Internet marketing is not just for big corporations with huge budgets. Spending money on marketing is also a clever step for owners of small businesses. And if properly done, your marketing efforts will give your business many new customers, without having to spend a fortune.

Some specialists recommend spending 20% of your revenue on Marketing. If that will work for you or not you need to find out on your own doing tests. Here are some tips about internet marketing for small business owners and startups:

1. Decide what to concentrate on besides your website

Surely, you understand that your company should have a great website. Nevertheless, you can choose any platform you want – social networks or electronic newsletters and online video advertising are just some of the choices accessible. It would be better if you just concentrate on a few tools so that you can proceed with your online marketing work being less stressed.

Here at MakeWebVideo.com, we decided to spend most of our marketing budget with SEO (Search engine optimization) and adding content to our website. We recently hired a full-time content writer to add new web pages on a regular basis. We initiated this because our website traffic and sales stagnated.

I figured, we needed to add more resources to marketing, focusing on creating more content for our website and increase the traffic we get from Google search. I know for sure that the more unique, quality content on your website, the more visitors you will be getting from the search engines. Especially if you create solid content that gets some attention. 

2. Be consistent and persistent

It often happens that people begin to post up on their company’s Facebook page or send out electronic newsletters, and then, eventually, the updating comes to an end. Do your best not to let it happen. No matter which platform you pick for doing online marketing, you need to be consistent and persistent. Often times, it takes several newsletters and social posts to hook a new customer.

If it's difficult for you to do all the work yourself or you are too busy, then perhaps it is time for you to outsource your online marketing. But be careful! Hiring the wrong person or company could harm your business. So when hiring a freelancer or a marketing agency, be sure to get testimonials and customer references from them. If they refuse to give you that, you should not hire them.

If doing SEO will be part of the work outsourced, you should be extra careful. Don't hire anyone that contacted you via unsolicited emails as these can be scammers just wanting to rip you off.

3. Give your audience informative, useful, and catchy content

Usually, people don't like an assertive sales presentation, so you shouldn't make it all about yourself and the product or service you offer. Give useful cues and advice, link to interesting web pages, blogs, and articles; ask for comments from your present and potential clients.

4. Online and offline marketing should be balanced

Your online and offline marketing attempts should get along well with each other. It means regular branding throughout different platforms, and messages, which don’t conflict with each other. Sequence and consistency are the keys, and they will make would-be clients keep you in mind when they are about to purchase whether your online and offline marketing strengthen one another.

You should consider including web videos as part of your marketing strategy. If you are on a tight budget, you can create the video yourself, right here on the MakeWebVideo website. If you don't have the time to do it yourself, for a bit extra payment, you can hire us to make the video for you.

If you have the budget, we recommend a custom video, made to fit your business. Anyway, it's free to experiment with our online video production software. Create as many preview videos as you want. You only have to pay for the HD video.

Internet marketing for small businesses can be cost-effective when done right. The recommendations above are a good starting point to help you have a successful marketing campaign for your business.

Use our internet marketing video maker to create a promotional video for your business:

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