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Make Corporate History Video Online with After Effects template

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What can you do to make corporate culture videos like a pro?


There’s a fascinating story behind how your company came into being, its achievements, and progress over time. With this corporate timeline template, it’s easy to share your journey from inception to the present. What better way to build brand credibility and demonstrate social responsibility than a modern, professional slideshow?


Several corporations have stepped away from the traditional company history storyboard concept. One of the reasons is the shift in consumer preference as the majority favors short-form text over the heavier (long-form) version. That’s why you should invest in this pack.


With this layout, you can establish boundaries to present your facts concisely and authentically. On top of that, it gives your video a cohesive design to improve structure and consistency. Can you imagine what it would be like to do all of this work manually?


What is a corporate history video?


Companies create promotional business commercials for various reasons, and corporate timeline videos are just one example. It provides the best narrative and visual concepts of your corporate activity throughout its history.


Corporations like yours may produce a series of these presentations to chart the milestones or achieve specific business objectives. More often than not, it has to do with marketing or sales. However, the scope of things one can include in business profile videos these days goes beyond statistics.


Narrative storytelling now plays an integral role in corporate promotion success strategy. That means your company must make each visual presentation extraordinary and memorable. OK, I know what you’re thinking: where to start?


How to create a company introduction video? Try a customized After Effects template!


Click the edit button below this video template to launch the editor. Follow the on-screen instructions on the dashboard to customize the graphics. Insert two (2) logo images, photos, or video clips (34), text (73 lines), and add music for 1 minute, 53 seconds.


Want a head start? Our video project here is all the inspiration you need to get started. Loaded with user-friendly built-in tools, an online editor, and essential compositing elements, it provides everything a motion designer needs.


Pre-built After Effects video templates are the hottest video-making tool on the market. These pre-animated project files contain interchangeable design elements that allow you to personalize and tailor ads to your business needs. Let me explain why this is a good investment, even for someone who doesn’t know how to create business videos.


How to create a corporate video that increases your bottom line


It’s easy. The key is to know how to make short animated videos for your corporate culture story that are truly inspiring. Shorter videos are better.


That said, you must keep your marketing videos under two minutes (ideal length). Plus, it needs a compelling CTA. Feel free to add your company website for quick access and shareability.


These are crucial steps to build your corporate image, attract ideal clients, and strengthen your brand positioning. Since our customized AE template already provided a base, all you have to do is personalize the video. With it, turning average footage and images into impressive motion graphics is effortless.


The takeaway


As you may already know, adhering to the latest video marketing trends can be tricky. So using this ready-made template to make a corporate culture video is your best bet. Get access to tons of royalty-free creative assets, all available to our users.


Choose a plan that suits your budget and unique needs. After you finish a project, you may make a one-time payment to download a high-quality Mp4 video or go premium. Are you interested in commercial video production for resale?


Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to scale your business sustainably and maximize profitability. Make as many business videos as you like without paying per project. Also, be the first to try our newest templates when we release them.

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